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Cultivating Self-Compassion

The Hidden Role of Cultural Norms in Healthcare



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Playlist: Audio Course Teasers

These short audio clips are samples or teasers of some of the courses available on our learning and coaching platform.

Playlist: Audio Course Teasers

These short audio clips are samples or teasers of some of the courses available on our learning and coaching platform.

We're Solving 3 Main Issues: +

Solving Communication Disconnects

What can be done to prevent communication disconnects in healthcare settings? What have you found to be the most challenging part of communicating with your patients? Do you know what steps you should take to address the problem of culturally-based communication disconnects with your patients?


Provider Wellness & Resilience

Do you know what steps you should take today to help prevent burn-out? Why cultivating self-care should matter to you? Do you understand how to befriend yourself, and change your self-talk to be kind instead of harsh, during a difficult situation?

HIPAA - Security4

Cybersecurity Awareness

Are you or your healthcare setting a prime target for cybercriminals? Have you or your organization experienced a cybersecurity breach? What steps should you, or your hospital or healthcare organization take today to protect your patients’ data?

Icon Communication

Bridge Partnership

We designed solutions to help healthcare organizations convert and redesign their legacy training materials or courses into future-proofed interactive social learning content in just a few hours using AI-voice or human. Help your company stay on top of its game with our easy-to-use, interactive training and onboarding tools.

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One-on-one & group telecoaching solutions for healthcare workers

Wellness & Resilience Coaching​

  • Enhance your self-care skills in a safe and comfortable environment with the power of telecoaching using real-life VR simulations.
  • With our 1:1 Wellness & Resilience Coaching Program, work with an expert coach to help you integrate practical mindfulness and self-compassion skills into your daily life and unique circumstances to improve your wellness and resilience.
  • Our telecoaching and VR experiences will help you learn in a fun, engaging way.

Communication Disconnects Coaching

  • Virtually experience realistic scenarios to learn how to best communicate with patients and their families.
  • Work with an expert coach to learn and implement techniques to address the particular communication challenges you face with your patients and their families.
  • Get real-time feedback on your communication strategies from experts with our VR and telecoaching program.

Cybersecurity Awareness Coaching

  • Your employees can’t afford not to be aware of cyber threats to your sensitive data in these present times.
  • Work with an expert coach to identify weak points in your current data security practices and learn practical strategies and techniques to protect yourself, your organization, and your patients’ data.
  • Using simulated VR experiences with our data privacy and security experts, you will develop a better understanding of the most common types of threats to cybersecurity and learn how to avoid them in healthcare settings.
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For Healthcare Organizations:

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Intellegi uses AI to convert your documents, PDFs, and PowerPoint into audio files, and we offer a customizable Voice Assistant that reads them for your team or your patients. They can listen while driving, exercising, or any time.


Our team of experts curates relevant resources, and our human-like Voice Assistant reads them for you. You can listen while driving, exercising, or any time.