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Intellegi is changing the way healthcare workers engage, connect and communicate with their patients. Powered by our Virtual Reality (VR) environment to emulate real-world experience and interactive virtual assistant – we offer live, immersive human skills courses for healthcare professionals.

Go to class using your phone, VR headset, tablet or just your computer.

Live Small Group Classes in VR

100+ million

100+ million workers will need to find a different occupation by 2030 according to McKinsey's Post-COVID recovery projection

Re-skilling over 100 million workers for a constantly evolving workforce cannot happen by using the same slow and outdated training models and checkerboard-like virtual environments.

Intellegi is using Virtual Reality (VR) + Artificial Intelligence (AI) to offer a critical and unique opportunity to fast track trainings and close skills gaps to fill today's jobs. VR promotes learning by doing. Intellegi's VR environment and immersive trainings are designed to help workers make decisions in VR as they would in the real world, activating the same neural pathways in the brain.

Learning in VR is up to four (4) times faster than the regular classroom, according to PwC. Employees are more emotionally connected to VR content and significantly less distracted. And that, in turn, enabled them to be four (4) times more focused than their e-learning peers.

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Live & Immersive Small Group Classes

Our expert learning facilitators use Virtual Reality (VR) and other technologies that we provide to create the most interactive and immersive learning experiences.

Just click and Join

Go to Class from: Smartphone, Laptop, Tablet, VR headset – It’s Device-agnostic.


Live and Immersive Conversational Spanish Course for Frontline Healthcare Professionals in VR

Learn with your friends and colleagues and meet new ones

Intellegi is born out of untold stories of the implications of human suffering and costs due to language, cultural and communication barriers in healthcare systems.

We connect healthcare workers with expert learning facilitators who are passionate about the mission to use innovative methods and technologies to foster a more equitable and connected workforce.

Here’s how it works in 3 simple steps

Step 1: Identify your learning needs

Step 2: Get matched with the right peer pod and learning facilitator

Step 3: Get ready to learn!

A student using a VR headset

Our Unique Classes Feature:

Learning in VR/AR

On-demand Courses & Study Materials

Learner and Educator Dashboard

Social Learning + Forum

On-demand Project-based Courses

Support learners’ social and emotional needs

Intellegi’s unique course structure also incorporates social-emotional and metacognitive skills into all its classes.

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