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Intellegi uses video game simulations, audio-based interactive storytelling, on-demand guided courses, Virtual Reality (VR), speech recognition and other cutting-edge learning tools to help healthcare providers learn and practice the skills needed to transcend cultural barriers.

Understand & communicate
effectively with your patients

Intellegi (Latin for “easy to understand”) offers a suite of tools, focusing on making
complex subjects accessible, engaging, interactive and immersive with the goal
of helping healthcare providers to better understand and serve their patients
from underserved communities and diverse cultural backgrounds.

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Communicating effectively with people from diverse cultural backgrounds does not come “naturally.”

Without training, we tend to make unexamined assumptions about other people based on our own experiences--assumptions about things like people’s attitudes, expectations, lifestyle, cultural beliefs, dietary customs, signals conveyed by their body language, and communication preferences, to name a few.

These assumptions, when incorrect, often lead to confusion, misunderstanding, frustration, and both parties feeling like they’re not being heard or understood. Intellegi's tools are designed to bridge the gaps and re-imagine the traditional corporate training experience in the healthcare industry.

Re-imaging the Corporate
Learning Experience

A game-based learning application

The games adapt based on players’ ongoing learning and expertise.

Audio-based Storytelling

We leverage audio-based modalities to create interactive learning scenarios.

On-demand guided courses

Learners are guided through bite-sized segments to allow stopping and starting where they left off.

Live and immersive Sessions in VR

Small group live sessions allow trainees to learn with peers and to practice making decisions as they would in the real world.

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Intellegi was born out of the systemic inequities and immense suffering that have come to light in the pandemic--problems that result in part from cultural and communication barriers. Underserved communities (e.g., racial minority, non-English speaking, or low-income), in particular, have been blighted by COVID deaths.

Learn on-the-go with your
friends and colleagues

Doctor seating in chair with patient seating on raised bed
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Effective communication is crucial for increasing patient activation and engagement

Patient activation has been shown to cut costs and improve care outcomes. And as more healthcare professionals adopt value-based payment models, it is becoming even more important for patients to be active partners in their own care.

In a health care setting, communication disconnects can discourage patients from partnering with their providers to manage their own health and cause providers to feel frustrated and powerless in their attempts to be successful in their jobs.

These problems can be addressed by empowering providers to transcend these barriers to communicate more effectively with their patients for better health outcomes. For our team, this is a personal quest. 

Nurse making notes during home visit with a couple

Live Sessions in VR

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