Security, Engagement, Education: The Heartbeat of Healthcare

Unlock the unlimited potential of healthcare with Intellegi – the platform that seamlessly blends security awareness, patient engagement, education, and empowerment. We simplify the complex, connecting providers and their patients, making healthcare resources accessible and equitable for all.

Intellegi provides customized solutions that are tailored to each individual organization’s needs to improve patient outcomes, enhance access to care, and drive innovation.

Our Core Products

Built for productivity, backed by science

Unlike traditional cybersecurity awareness companies, our solutions combine two major components: cybersecurity awareness/behavior change and data governance as a service (DGaaS) leveraging data science and behavioral science into customized, organization-specific solutions.

We strive to build solutions that improve productivity and efficiency, protect our customers’ data while ensuring compliance with all relevant regulations. Our products aim to reduce the risks of human errors related to cybersecurity and data privacy, as well as maximize the security and integrity of your organization’s data.

All in all, Intellegi’s platform emphasizes why data governance is so closely tied with cybersecurity.

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Cybersecurity Awareness + Behavior Change Platform

Intellegi’s platform offers its users access to a variety of personalized behavior-change multimedia bite-sized content – delivered through two-to-four-minute high-quality videos, audios and gaming simulations – all on-the-go or via push notifications designed for busy healthcare workers.

Unlike traditional or legacy cybersecurity programs, at Intellegi we provide preventive cybersecurity awareness and compliance solutions that are tailored to your specific employees’ needs. We believe employee-centric cybersecurity awareness is vital to drive behavior change.

Our platform develops intelligent cybersecurity awareness training by leveraging behavioral science research, data science and principles like nudge theory, self-awareness strategies, and gamification to drive long-term behavior change.

iMedCare: Redefining Patient-Provider Engagement & Education

The traditional approach to patient engagement, education, and empowerment is evolving. Endless information and complex systems often leave patients overwhelmed, disconnected, and disempowered. Intellegi introduces iMedCare, a fresh perspective, like Spotify, offering bite-sized audio playlists that transform the healthcare experience for patients. 

Gone are the days of overwhelming healthcare information and disjointed patient experiences. iMedCare empowers patients to focus on quality over quantity. We provide patients with curated audio playlists that deliver the knowledge and support they need to actively engage in their health journey. 

With iMedCare, patients gain the intelligence and insights they need to take charge of their health. It's a new era of patient engagement, education, and empowerment – where quality and connection prevail over complexity.


i360 Plus Solutions

i360 Communications

Our communication solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of each healthcare setting and their patients. We leverage our experience and expertise in healthcare technology, and data science to ensure that our solutions are secure, reliable, and cost-effective. Intellegi is dedicated to providing your team with comprehensive and customizable communication solutions designed to help your organization deliver better care for patients.

We are leveraging the power of human + AI to bridge the gap between providers and patients, solve communication disconnects, improve patient care and education, and enhance overall communication within healthcare systems.

AI Whisper

Healthcare providers often spend an exorbitant amount of time charting and managing patient health records, leaving less time to provide quality care. That’s why we are developing solutions to increase efficiency in healthcare systems and create new possibilities.

This innovative solution will help healthcare providers make the most out of their time so they can focus on delivering superior care to their patients. We understand the frustrations healthcare providers face and are hard at work to improve their experience.

CybLearn: Quick Takes

Cyberattacks can have serious consequences, such as stealing sensitive data, or causing extensive damage to patients, network systems and organizations.


0 M +

patients' medical records in the United States have been breached over the past 7 years (OCR).

0 %

of data breaches "involved the human element," including social attacks, errors and data misuse (Verizon).

$ 0 M +

average total cost of a breach in the healthcare industry in 2022, an increased of 42% since 2020 (IBM).

0 %

of cybersecurity leaders want to take a proactive stance on risk mitigation by influencing employee behaviors (Gartner).

iMedCare: Quick Takes

Managing chronic diseases in the US requires vigilance and proactive measures. Chronic illnesses can have serious consequences, including a significant impact on your health and well-being.


0 %

of the US population has a chronic disease, creating an epidemic, and over 85% of health care costs are attributable to chronic disease (NIH, CDC).

0 %

of them are struggling to manage the complexities of two or more chronic conditions, which include heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, and more (CDC).

$ 0 B

Diabetes alone incurs a staggering $327 billion annual cost, impacting both productivity ($90 billion) and healthcare resources ($237 billion).

Gaming Simulations

From recognizing phishing emails to learning how to respond in the event of an attack, our games are designed to simulate real-time scenarios that emphasize on behavior change.

Our Products

i360 Suite of Bespoke Products

*Individualized bespoke products can be purchased separately, and are tailored to seamlessly integrate into your existing solutions.

Choose from a variety of products to find the perfect fit for your organization.

We offer comprehensive solutions for healthcare organizations to help them meet compliance standards and regulations, such as HIPAA and GDPR and provide bite-sized training to keep staff up-to-date.

We provide interactive, informative training designed to help bridge the communication gaps between patients and providers. Healthcare disparities can be traced, in part, to communication disconnects which result from language barriers, technology use, cultural norms, and many other factors. Our awareness training program seeks to address and bridge these communication deficits.

We offer your patients the opportunity to access essential health-related information through bite-sized audio resources and self-management training — as Spotify-like playlists available in their preferred languages. iMedCare is accessible during inpatient care and on-the-go, ensuring availability anytime and anywhere.

To empower healthcare providers and help prevent burnout, we have developed an awareness training program designed to equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge to remain centered and balanced during these stressful times.

Gaming Simulations: Play On-the-Go

We’re revolutionizing how healthcare workers are trained. Our gaming simulation training (designed to simulate real world conditions) is an innovative approach to help healthcare workers develop awareness, change their behavior, make better choices, improve health outcomes, protect themselves, their organizations and patients from breaches.

Gaming Simulations: Play On-the-Go

We’re revolutionizing how healthcare workers are trained. Our gaming simulation training (designed to simulate real world conditions) is an innovative approach to help healthcare workers develop awareness, change their behavior, make better choices, improve health outcomes, protect themselves, their organizations and patients from breaches.

Get inspired & learn new skills on the go, anytime, anywhere!


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