Optimizing Health Outcomes

By creating a better way to learn in these present times social learning experiences state-of-the-art interactive guided courses

We’re solving communication disconnects between healthcare providers and patients.

We help creators and healthcare organizations create highly effective interactive social learning courses from scratch to publication in just a few hours.


Communication Disconnects will

reduce hospital readmissions improve health outcomes reduce 80% of serious medical errors save billions in medical malpractice suits

 Our platform helps healthcare providers learn, connect, and practice the skills needed to communicate effectively with their patients and colleagues on the go, anywhere and anytime.

Why is effective communication crucial for increasing patient activation and engagement?

To achieve optimal outcomes, patients must partner with healthcare providers to manage their own health by participating in care decisions and processes. Patient activation, an important aspect of patient engagement, refers to a patient’s understanding, ability, and willingness to participate in decision making and accept their care team instructions.

Our solution is designed to help healthcare providers achieve efficiency by allowing them to learn in short periods at a time, integrating the learning into their busy days as needed.

Understand & communicate
effectively with your patients

Intellegi (Latin for “easy to understand”) offers a suite of tools, focusing on making
complex subjects accessible, engaging, interactive and immersive with the goal
of helping healthcare providers to better understand and serve their patients
from underserved communities and diverse cultural backgrounds.

Re-imaging the Corporate
Learning Experience

A game-based learning application

The games adapt based on players’ ongoing learning and expertise.

Audio-based Storytelling

We leverage audio-based modalities to create interactive learning scenarios and courses.

On-demand guided courses

Learners are guided through bite-sized segments to allow stopping and starting where they left off.

Live and immersive Sessions in VR

Small group live sessions allow trainees to learn with peers and to practice making decisions as they would in the real world.

Video Game Simulations - Play
Caregiver Listening

Wellness Space

We’re promoting workplace wellness by providing tools and activities such as short, guided meditations and engaging exercises to help healthcare providers develop mindful awareness and resilience to cope with burn out, trauma and anxiety.

Intellegi was born out of the systemic inequities and immense suffering that have come to light in the pandemic--problems that result in part from cultural and communication disconnects. Underserved communities (e.g., racial minority, non-English speaking, or low-income), in particular, have been blighted by COVID deaths.

Live Sessions in VR

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