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iMedCare is Spotify for Meds

Reading through pages of medical information, lab results, and clinical summaries can be overwhelming for your patients, and it’s hard to know where to start. However, there are better and more cost-efficient ways to make the experience easier. That’s where Intellegi’s iMedCare comes in. We work with healthcare organizations to convert complex medical resources, and training materials into  bite-sized audio format, so that patients can listen, engage and learn at their own pace.

We understand that when it comes to health, everyone has different needs and preferences. And we built iMedCare to make sure all patients have the health information they need, in the format that works best and accessible for them.

With 1-click providers can share voice content and patients can access audio version of their clinical summaries and medication instructions from any computer, tablet, or smartphone in English, Spanish and French. We are on a mission to make life-saving medical information equitable and accessible. Join us to reduce the excessive use of printed papers in healthcare with over 860 million doctor’s visits, and over 7 billion lab tests annually in the U.S. alone. We’re pioneering a new era of sustainability in healthcare while creating major impact.

Save lives, time, money and our environment.

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