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Monitoring in real time learners’ engagement and behavior in remote learning is currently impossible. Intellegi takes a bottom-up approach to capturing end-user experience by leveraging data science techniques to capture real-time insights and help understand platform usage and student performance.


Re-imagining learning

Technology is transforming the way we work, live and learn. The education technology industry still lags behind in engineering high-impact innovation that can transform learning in the digital age.

Intellegi is using AI to predict what study materials will work best to help improve learning outcomes. The platform also supports progress towards custom, personalized learning plans.


Committed to Unbiased Research

Intellegi is committed to promoting objective and non-biased research and algorithms. Our data collection and analytics team utilizes a wide range of expertise, including developmental psychology, data science, AI, behavioral neuroscience, and instructional design, to ensure the quality of our proprietary datasets.


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