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We build a next-gen platform dedicated exclusively towards helping those with expertise and great ideas to become voices worth listening to. Apply to become a Content Creator with Intellegi. We’ll help you unearth insights, ideas & strategies for developing bite-sized audio/video content and QuizLearn courses for healthcare workers in just a few hours.

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A Next-Gen Platform For HEALTHCARE

re-imagine workforce training in these Present Times

In the wake of COVID-19, it is more important than ever for healthcare professionals to have up-to-date training and coaching. However with a shortage in supply comes an innovative new way: Intellegi - a digital learning platform that can adapt quickly when disruptive events happen! We offer comprehensive, bite-sized engaging learning and coaching solutions grounded in cutting edge analytics.

Creating Interactive & Immersive Learning Experiences

Utilizing years of experience and machine learning technologies, our team of experts handle everything from brainstorming sessions and recording to production and publication. This system is designed with you in mind. We make the process of creating content engaging and exciting for our creators.



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