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Join our problem solvers, visionaries, creative thinkers, and builders. We are reinventing how education is delivered and consumed in the digital age.

COVID has reshaped existing workforce and education. We are on the lookout for change agents and gifted minds to help us on our journey to democratize access and empower the next generation of healthcare professionals and educators.


re-imagine workforce training in the digital age

The COVID-19 crisis has exposed deep-seated problems in the education industry. Intellegi's core adaptive teaching solutions solve a number of immediate challenges to help healthcare workers and educators optimize their time and re-imagine how the learn in the digital age.

Interactive and Immersive Learning Experience​​ in VR

A premier cloud-based virtual reality and all-in-one adaptive platform to facilitate engagement and motivation among learners and improve outcomes through live small group and 1-on-1 classes, interactive simulations, hands-on case-based projects, social and emotional learning, and recommended course-specific study materials.


Meeting Room

Access to modern and high-tech private meeting rooms with superior soundproof, fully-serviced to deliver live and engaging small private classes as an alternate option for teachers.
Cinema-quality Private Class.

We Handle the Tech

We provide the training, tools and innovative technology for an exciting teaching and learning experience. No VR experience required.
We are learning with you.

Flexible Hours

Join our highly qualified teachers to deliver private 1:1 and small group classes for up to 20 hours per week in an engaging, inspiring and intimate environment where teaching is exciting and rewarding.
Set your schedule. Teach 1:1 and small group private class of 6 students maximum.

+ Paid Prep Time

Teaching involves more than the delivery time. Our instructors get paid for prep time + a competitive hourly rate per session of 55 minutes active teaching.
We offer rewards for ingenuity, teaching resources, and an engaging community forum for teachers to connect and share best practices.

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