Joanne C. Rene

Director, Partnerships, Business Development, and Engagement

Joanne is the Director of Business Development and Partnership at Intellegi.

Joanne brings over 17 years of experience building partnerships between cities and businesses across the country—from sales and collaborative planning of events. As an entrepreneur, she understands building partnerships is something that comes with the territory – and it’s something she is passionate about. For Joanne, building these relationships isn’t just about shaking hands and signing contracts, it’s about creating meaningful experiences and striving to make lasting impressions with business partners. Whether it’s connecting potential customers or providing access to new markets and resources, the goal is to create bridges that will benefit both sides equally. 

Over the years, she has learned that investing in building meaningful relationships with key colleagues, local government representatives and industry suppliers has been immensely beneficial for business opportunities. It all adds up to a foundation of trust and understanding that helps pave the way for success both now and in the future.

Joanne has worked with the Greater Boston Convention & Visitors Bureau; Massachusetts State House, NYC & Company (New York City’s official marketing, tourism, and partnership organization) as part of their Sales, Conference and Meetings team, Four Seasons Hotel; the Hotel Commonwealth; and most recently at the National League of Cities in Washington, D.C. She has contributed to building bridges between cities and business opportunities. 

Joanne holds degrees in Business Administration and in Tourism Planning and Development from University of New Hampshire.

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