A multi-channel EdTech + HealthTech Platform designed to influence behaviors and improve health outcomes.

Intellegi is led by a highly diverse, multicultural, multilingual and interdisciplinary team with expertise in healthcare, cybersecurity, learning science, communication, education, economics, cultural studies, behavioral science, music, broadcasting, R&D, technology accessibility for learners with disabilities, data science and technology. Our team is motivated by our personal experiences and passions.

Leadership Team

SVP, Chief Scientific Officer & Co-Founder

VP, Chief Learning Officer

VP, Inclusive Technology, Privacy & Security

Director, Partnerships, Business Development, and Engagement

A System that Works

We all know that having a system in place is important to be productive. But what happens when you can’t stick to the system?

The beauty of having a well-executed day is that you can be flexible, learn on the go in just minutes a day when needed and still get things done.

When you have access to quality coaching and support, it’s easier to be mindful, engaged and produce better work. This is especially important in the healthcare industry.



Here's what makes Intellegi different:

We know that busy healthcare professionals like you don’t always have time to sit down and learn for hours at a time. That’s why we’ve designed our platform to be quick, easy and engaging so you can fit learning into your daily routine.

Intellegi is an innovative, next-gen platform that uses cutting-edge technologies, machine learning algorithms and analytics to inspire through coaching and help you learn from anywhere in just minutes a day.


Our Leadership Principles

  1. Customer/User obsession
  2. Invent, adapt and simplify
  3. Agility: improving continuously
  4. Experiment without fear of failure
  5. Be yourself and speak up
  6. Establish trust: disagree & commit
  7. Have fun

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